The Benefits of REP Pre-MLS

Pre-market listings are nothing new, but before platforms like REP, getting your hands on ideal properties required a lot of research and leg work.

Social media platforms help, but they’re not built to be a real estate hub.

Yard signs indicate which properties are going up for sale soon, but hunting them down can be challenging.

And, while you might occasionally catch whispers of a pre-MLS listing, there is no way to be certain that the word-of-mouth advertising is absolutely accurate.

Instead of chasing listings, agencies and brokerages have access to get real-time updates on the properties that clients just like yours want to buy with the REP system.

Broker Firms Can Hone Their Edge

Our system works for brokerages and independent agents alike. With this pre-market hub, you can maximize your bottom line by keeping commissions in-house, made possible by REP’s internal sharing feature. Using this tool, your agents can share listings exclusively within your organization. As your firm grows its clientbase, you can send out regular updates on Coming Soon listings before other brokerages see them.

Find Serious Buyers Faster

Clients want their property sold as quickly as possible, but fickle buyers and casual browsers can grind the selling process to a halt. With our pre-MLS listing system, you get access to properties that appeal to highly-motivated buyers before they hit the open market.

In many cases, clients can completely avoid public listings, giving both buyers and sellers peace of mind that all interests involved are driven to finalize the sale.

Avoid “Stale” Properties

Even the most beautiful, desirable property can fall victim to turning stale once it’s listed on the MLS. As the days pass dealing with unenthusiastic or capricious buyers, the property’s day counter continues to tick away. Meanwhile, would-be buyers glance over it, assuming there is some particular reason why it has lasted so long without selling.

With REP, sellers significantly decrease their chances of their home going stale on the public market, and you can provide exceptional service to your clients that they can’t get through the MLS.

Make House Flipping More Efficient

If part of your passion as an agent lies in flipping homes, having access to the REP platform makes finding real estate easier than ever. Essentially, you’ll function as your own “client,” discovering enviable, flippable properties as soon as they become available for viewing.

As a real estate agent or a brokerage firm, your clients expect the best of the best when it comes to exceptional property listings. Take the hassle out of the process and make certain that all parties are satisfied with our comprehensive pre-market property resource.


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